tech multimedia

Lights, Sound, Action!


A shift is under way in which text, the prime communications medium for centuries, is giving way to an entirely new genre known as 'Tech Multimedia.' Tech multimedia fuses sound, moving and still images, and interactivity, to create unprecedented modes of expression.  


Scribo caught this wave early. Very early.

CADs and Ads

Scribo specialize in all manner of visual content. Technical illustrations, product information clips, high-impact presentations, interactive ebooks, exhibition promo movies, animations etc.


Scribo's tech multimedia is first in class at manipulating CADs and creating Ads (and everything in between).

Fly Less


Scribo's multimedia crew were one of the very earliest adopters of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).


We quickly realized the potential of AR/VR to assist in product training, product support, and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR). 

Icon Power 


Scribo is fluent in the global language of the now generation. We speak icons, symbols, UI, and UX.

We specialize in replacing words with visuals. Writing is redundant. Translations are redundant. QA is redundant. Ambiguity? We've never heard of the word.

The power of the icon.